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Surveillance CCTV Camera Systems

Smart Technology for Security & Surveillance

New-Generation Network Surveillance Camera Systems

A series of camera-housing packages, each integrating a camera, zoom lens, and motorized platform. They all feature high sensitivity, day-night adaptable, environmentally friendly, weather-resistant, and A robust ergonomic design.


High image quality and resolution


High efficiency and high speed


Easy to operate and set up


Flexible and expandable system

Network Camera System

Network camera systems offer greater flexibility in design than traditional analog surveillance systems. There are two key advantages to network camera systems.
Installation of conventional camera systems required both LAN and power cables. However, installing camera systems now requires using only a single LAN cable thanks to the PoE function. This reduces installation cost and facilitates movement or addition of cameras.
Image Quality
– Network camera systems offer higher resolution images in live mode & recorded than traditional analog systems. Most analog systems still offer less latency through transmission vs. transmission over a network.
– There are no differences for short-distance transmissions. Analog systems offer greater transmission distance than standard network cameras.
– Network digital systems are far superior in signal distribution, switching, and recording than a traditional analog system.

Cameras with Wide Dynamic Range Capabilities

Wide dynamic range capability provided by high performance sensors make these cameras adaptable to environments with significant illumination changes. Wide Dynamic Range Realized by DPS. The wide dynamic range and color reproducing capabilities achieved by employing the DPS (Digital Pixel System) technology have enabled these cameras to be used for surveillance in locations where the illumination level changes significantly (e.g., platform surveillance, shop doorway surveillance, etc.).

What is DPS?
DPS is an image sensing technology to create a high dynamic range by providing one pixel with one analog digital converter. The multi-sampling function provided by DPS enables natural colors to be reproduced regardless of difference in illumination level. The cameras also incorporate a correcting function against noise that develops under low-illumination, high-temperature conditions, which is a weak point of this design, to have both high dynamic range and high sensitivity at the same time.

Intelligent Image Sensor

Intelligent Image Sensor works in conjunction with cameras and other peripheral devices when all the necessary settings are made to adapt it the on site installation environment. For this reason, this equipment is available only as part of an integrated system (not sold as a stand alone unit). Please feel free to contact our sales representative for any questions regarding this unique product.

  • Immune to Environmental Noise

It helps detect intruders stably without being disturbed by solar irradiation level, tree movements, and other environmental noise.

  • 3 set up modes

3 set up modes are provided depending on conditions.
1.Easy set up mode
Only 3 parameters are required to be set up when environmental conditions are stable such as indoor use.
2.Expert set up mode
When environmental conditions are fluctuating such as outdoor use.
3.Designer set up mode
When environmental conditions are very special designer may assist set up.
Note : Since the set up very much depend on conditions, consultation, demonstration and investigation the unit are required prior to purchase.

  • Auto Tracking Function(Under development)

Drives the motor of the camera platform to keep the intruder staying within the screen. (Auto tracking feature is available only with motorized platforms or integrated cameras produced by Hitachi.)

  • Auto Patrol Function

Up to four surveillance points (preset points) are monitored cyclically for detection of possible intruders. (Also supports the auto patrol function if motorized camera platforms are compatible with Pelco-D commands.)