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Smart Security & Surveillance


A well-designed security and surveillance system allows you to feel completely safe while you and your family are at home or away on vacation. It protects lives, in addition to property, by alerting the family to fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and other hazards that can occur.  In the event of an emergency, security systems summon the police, fire department or other contacts for you.  A smart security system can even determine when the home is occupied, right down to the areas in use.  The system can allow you to check the status of your home, view any cameras, and operate the system from almost anywhere in the world – all you need is cellular or Wi-Fi service. A comprehensive home security system provides tremendous peace-of-mind – better than almost any other technology investment.

Safety First

The primary purpose of a home security system is to protect your family by detecting intrusion, fire, or other hazards and alerting them with sirens, lights, etc. As described above, the systems automatically summon help by calling the local police or fire departments in the Indianapolis area and can even be triggered manually in the case of a medical emergency.Property Second

There are many forms of additional protection we can offer your home. Detection of sump pump failure, freezing pipes, and other hazards are just a few options.

Surveillance – “Eyes Everywhere”

Cameras inside and outside your home can allow you to see who’s at the front door, check on the kids at the pool, look in on the nursery, etc.  While this technology is extremely useful, you’ll have to decide if you want something that is just a toy or the real deal.  Many budget priced camera systems available today give you the option of viewing your cameras on a smart phone, but they sacrifice what we feel is really important, and that’s the quality of the camera.In the event of someone trespassing on your property, you’ll want to have as much picture detail as possible to try and identify the person or persons.  You’ll only get this with a good quality camera.  When you consider a camera surveillance system, we can help you understand your options such as multiple camera locations, night vision cameras, and the recording of all camera activity.