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Smart Healthcare

Smart Connected Health

What is Smart Health?
Provision of health-related services using a network of context-aware intelligent agents. Smart health systems provide health related services using a network — some kind of connection between intelligent agents. These intelligent agents could be computing devices, mobile phones, sensors, smart bands, surgical devices, devices that measure your blood chemistry, or devices that measure your brainwaves.

Monitor patient care

Allow patients to receive care at home where they’re most comfortable. With wearable sensors, doctors can remotely track and respond to a patients’ health status in real time.

Track equipment usage

Enhance the overall well-being of patients by tracking how equipment is used, from employing hospital bed sensors to monitoring room temperature and hand washing stations.

Maintain vital equipment

Ensure critical medical devices are ready to use when your patients need them most by fixing problems before they occur with predictive maintenance.

Monitor medical assets

Provide to your staff spend less time searching and more time with patients by better tracking and managing medicine and supply solutions.