ARDIoT | Internet of Things & Smart Cities

Video Intelligence for Smarter Operations

In much the same way websites offer granular insights about customer visits, clicks, dwell time and browsing behavior, HVA features provide these insights about the physical World.


Activity Visualizer:

 Makes highly frequnted areas in an image instantly visible. This information is used to strategically position products, evaluate popularity of displays and more.


People Counter:

Automatically counts people passing through a defined area of a video stream in real time using 3-D sensor for industry-leading accuracy. This information enables organizations to identify and optimize high-use spaces, times of day and patterns of visits.


Queue Detector:

Detecs overcrowding and space utilization by analyzing queues (waiting lines), including the crowd and their pace of motion. It alerts operators if a defined queue length is reached so they can deploy more resources to minimize wait times and improve visitor experience.



Automatically prepares and emails interactive statistical reports at definable dates and times. Results can also be expected as CSV files for custom analysis. Hitachi provides advanced analytics through Pentaho for more in-depth or custom insights.