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Mainframe Storage

Improve the performance, reliability and value of IBM® mainframe-compatible environments

Rely on the only solution with a 100% data-availability guarantee

VSP G1000 continues its strong support for IBM plug-compatible systems and its legacy as a storage industry leader.

Mainframe Storage

  • Leading storage capabilities enable control to optimize mainframe storage service levels for maximum flexibility in business application requirements
  • Proven, fast and compatible flash storage for critical mainframe environments



Complete Fault Tolerance, Data Protection and Online Service Capabilities for Mainframe Storage

Availability and Business Continuity

Separate copies of data provide secure protection and data availability in mainframe environments.

Multiple Instances

In case of a system or site failure, system data can be accessible on alternate storage systems at single or multiple locations.


VSP F1500 and G1500 Systems Scale to Over 8 Petabytes and Deliver Up to 4,800,000 I/O Per-Second Performance

Advanced Features and Automation

PAV, HyperPAV, dynamic volume expansion (DVE), extended address volumes (EAV), peer-to-peer remote copy (PPRC), and IBM FICON® forward error correction.

Deep IBM Mainframe Support

Supports IBM FICON and Fibre Channel, IBM z/OS®, z/VM®, z/VSE®, LINUX for IBM z Systems®, Basic and IBM GDPS® HyperSwap®, XRC, and FlashCopy®.


Virtualized External Storage Improves Storage Administration

Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning for Mainframe

Automated storage controllers provide storage as necessary, eliminating the need for manual provisioning.

Hitachi Dynamic Tiering for Mainframe

Controllers automatically move consistently accessed data blocks to the highest-tier storage, and less frequently used data to lower tiers.

Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager for Mainframe

Online storage service-level control uses Dynamic Tiering policies to improve performance and avoid potential problems.