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Video Management Platform

HVMP - Hitachi Video Management Platform

Hitachi Video Management Platform (HVMP) caters to the high-performance and throughput demands of today’s video surveillance

HVMP offers a video surveillance solution for industries – such as energy and utilities, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, finance, and healthcare – by providing a scalable and reliable solution that minimizes uour vulnerability to todays’s threats, and empowers the video innovations you will need in the future.

Today’s security threats are more sophisticated and intelligent than ever. If you’re a security or IT manager, you need to be at the top of your technology game to ensure the safety of the people, property and information you protect. Evidence is everything, and often required by law. So video files must be available on demand, 24/7, regardless of how many cameras you are managing at one time. To add to this challenge, video analytics, video management systems (HVMS) and other advanced video solutions that help improve operations and safety require large amounts of fast, high quality video that doesn’t skip a beat.
VMP was built from the ground up to store and manage video data. It incorporates proven Hitachi storage technology with the ability to segment, store, scale and secure data. This enables the consistent mitigation and management of threats.
HVMP is an enterprice-level converged solution that integraes compute, network storage and virtuaizationsoftware. It is designed as a vendor-agnostic platform optimized to host multiple digital video management systems, Hitachi Visualization Suite and Analytics Software. It bridges the gap between information retrieval capabilities and the clarity of its video resolution. It is engineered to give you scalability, high throughput, redundancy and fault-tolerance that is unmatched in the industry. It scales from 150 to unlimited number of cameras, and supports top-tier viedo managementsoftware vendors.

Modern deployments look more like a standard ICT roll-out then a traditional CCTV solution. Customers are regularly asking for both expertise in the security domain and a bullet-proof platform to support their implementations.
  • Support ALL video managment solutions (VMS), video content analytics (VCA), access control, monitoring tools and any other applications needed to deliver a security platform
  • Provide video durability i.e. no dropped frames,  no video loss, 100% low latency recall
  • Scale capacity from small rollouts to 10,000+ cameras
  • Support petabytes of storage
  • Significantly longer retention periods and long term video storage options
  • Deliver high reliability i.e. platform that does not break
  • Require negligible maintenance for customer
  • Off low latency and high performance systems
  • Support analytics layers including data acquisition and visualisation

Key Benefits:

Segmentation: With Hitachi VMP, data does not have to reşide on the IT or corporate network. Therefore, it does not compromise network resillency. If video data resides on a shared IT network, it could be vulnerable to system threats and downtime. Segmenting and segregating video data can also help organizations comply with regulations. Non-compliance with video security regulations can cost as much as US$10,000 per day for the energy industry. With VMP, your data is safe to Access at all the time.
Scalable Storage Made Easy: By using a virtualized approach to storage, Hitachi VMP enables organizations to smoothly scale their individual requirements across the enterprise an deven around the World. As your needs grow, your environment can quickly scale to meet that growth – with high stability and reability that are part of the system’s simplicity and redundancy. Data is no longer a hindrance to risk – based security and compliance processes because storage is not vulnerable to interruptions and you don’t risk running out of storage.
Cost-Effective Compliance and Scale: In the World of risk and compliance there is a growing need to implement security solutions that mitigate potential and ever-present threats. But without the ability to maintain the data that comes from hourly, daily and weekly threats, the potential liability by maintaining this threat information in a segmented, scalable, and secure environment, which immediately enhances your organization’s defensible position for compliance and risk.
Virtualization not only reduces the complexity of scaling up, it also reduces the costs, footprint, and energy consumption of the system. Additionally, Hitachi Video Management Platform can help make organizations using video analytics and VMS more productive and efficient, while also enhancing employee safety and protecting critical assets.

Finally, another attribute to cost effectiveness is VMP rapid deployment which reduces the time and costs of configuration and allows facilities to be up and running quickly.