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Smart Mobility

Intelligent Transport Systems

Optimising Use ITS is working on better traffic flow on the road network, both within the city and outside it. Adding ‘intelligence’ to mobility shortens door-to-door journey times, improves safety and liveability, and saves unnecessary cost and fuss. Up to and including 2017, Optimising Use aims to make a step change with intelligent transport systems (ITS), together with the regions, the business community and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. Our focus on several themes in the follow-up programme is designed to make a difference for users of those services and to facilitate liveable, accessible and attractive cities.

Opportunities for cities:

Intelligent mobility doesn’t just make the journey easier, cheaper and more attractive for the traveller or the business community. It also offers opportunities for cities, by reducing unnecessary and undesirable mileage in the city. For example, no traffic past schools during the school day, no protracted searching for empty parking spaces or available loading and unloading areas, traffic lights that operate more efficiently and no unnecessary congestion around events. We can use ITS to make the city and its environs safer, more liveable, more accessible and economically more interesting. Plus, it helps reduce unnecessary costs for cities and provinces.