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Smart Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0; Is a state of an articulated integrity in technology, communicaton, internet, sensor (data collection), automation, artificial intelligence, robotic technologies, sharing and production technologies. In this perspective, real and virtual systems are multiplied with the information and internet of things, and plays an important role in Internet Services. Briefly, Industry 4.0 can be described as all the attempts to develop the production processes with the practices gained by information technology.

Basis of the Industry 4.0:

  • New scientific developments
  • The development of the existing technologies and comprise of the new technologies: Information, communication, Internet, sensors, embedded systems and software, automation, mechatronics, robotics, nanotechnologies
  • The articulation of technologies and complexification of ‘integrated technology’
  • Spreading and strengthening of the Internet (industrial Internet)
  • The development of the Internet of Things
  • The comprise of the cyber-physical systems phenomenon
  • Development of Big Data and Analytics approaches
  • Changes in behavioural patterns of market and customer profile; Induration of rivalry
  • Innovation becoming a necessary factor for the R&D (Destructive Innovation)
  • The dominance of technology over the formation of tension; Technology gets cheaper while labor more expensive
  • Development of the artificial intelligence
  • Constriciton of competition opportunities for companies and economy and the start-up of the new rivalry priorities quests; Cost reduction quests