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Privacy Protector

Privacy Protector automatically obscures all persons in surveillance videos in real time through pixelization. Nevertheless, movement and actions remain recognizable. The unnecessary intrusion into personal privacy is prevented without compromising the level of security. The ideal pixelization type can be chosen for every situation.

With only a few clicks, the block size can be selected in order to fit the size of people in the image.In addition there are several methods for the obscuring of blocks ranging from average pixelization to total colouring in order to ensure that nobody becomes recognizable in any scene.

In certain areas obscuration may be desired at all times, even if there is no movement present (e.g. desks, computer displays). These specific areas can be defined freely. Equally, areas which are excluded from the obscuration due to high security risk can be specified; for instance ATMs or areas above walls.

The innovative and continuously learning algorithm of Privacy Protector can learn multiple light conditions, achieving that even when the lights are switched on or o, or other sudden illumination changes take place, no unnecessary pixelization will occur.

Fields of Application

The Privacy Protector is developed specifically for the application in areas, where actions and movements have to be monitored while at the same time the people´s privacy has to be protected. This for instance is the case in public buildings (schools, universities, etc.) in semi- public areas (shopping malls), or factories.


Privacy Protector obscures moving people in real time, making the identification of people in surveillance impossible. Other parts of the image remain unchanged as shown in the figures provided in the figures provided in the next section.