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Gunshot Detector

“Over the past few years, the majority of public and private organizations have implemented a diverse set of systems to protect their assets, premises and people. With this multitude of disparate Technologies come increased challenges in effectively managing large amounts of critical information. Today’s systems must be integrated in a way that allows you to easily make informed decisions in a timely manner. Hitachi Visualization is the first truly integrated, end-to-end solution built specifically for the smart community.”

Fields of Application

HVS provides realtime access to all data via selectable layers, such as: gunshot detection, license-plate recognition (LPR), video-management system, access control, computeraided dispatch (CAD) or 911 systems.


The gunshot map is a real-time event map that provides gunshot summaries for your domain. With this map you have instant access to event reports describing when and where the gunshots occurred on the live map (including physical addresses), system generated log entries, and nearest cameras.

When viewing the map you can visualize and analyze the location of gunshots, cameras, and other assets in the area.


  1. In your Domain panel, select Events > Gunshots.

    Click the gunshot event whose details, including date, time, and address, you want to view.

  2. Click the red gunshot event details header to see more details, including other cameras in the vicinity and system-generated log entries.

Camera pods enable edge recording and analytics capabilities with built-in 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS and optional wireless point-topoint (PtP) and copper connectivity. These devices integrate with LPR, gunshot detection and CAD or 911 systems. End users can visualize alerts from sensors, cameras and just about any public safety and 3rd-party system. All video and data are represented on the map as icons: one click and you’re viewing a live video stream or a gunshot detection alarm report.