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HVA collects the faces appearing in video streams and applies highly precise algorithms to achieve unparalleled success rates for facial detection. HVA can also extract the time and place when a face was detected, and report results in seconds.

Face Collector automatically detects and files faces in a video stream. All persons moving through a defined area are detected instantly and screened for the user within a few seconds. Multiple faces can be detected and indexed simultaneously, while the images of the faces are saved with the date and time. In case of an incident all present persons can be listed.

Fields of application range from high-security airports, banks, retail or office buildings, as well as assisting the doorman in securing the entrance. In contrast to face recognition systems, Face Collector is, from a privacy protection point view, comparable to traditional video surveillance and operates on standard surveillance cameras.

Fields of Application:

Typically, Face Collector is used to gain a structured overview of the persons passing safety-critical areas. Ideal locations for its employment are entrances, gates and turnstiles because every person has to pass these areas, which results in a precise overview of all persons inside a building.


Face Collector is assigned to detect and to save the faces of people passing a defined area. The system is not based on the recognition of already registered faces but recognizes face-like shapes, resulting in a high toleration of partially covered or hidden areas of faces (glasses, hats, beards, hoods, etc.). The reliability of Face Collector can be increased by guaranteeing a clear separation of persons within the video image and by a frontal shooting angle.

Automatically detects and files faces in a video

  • Entrances, turnstiles, locks
  • Security relevant areas (airports, banks, observation…)