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Direction Controller

Direction Controller detects objects which move in a restricted direction. If an object moves in a given direction through a previously defined region, an alarm is triggered immediately. The region to be analyzed can be defined with only a few clicks. The motion tolerance of the object can also be adjusted individually.

The Direction Controller can detect even the slightest movement and cope with a dynamic, changing background. For instance, it is possible to analyze a person’s movement on an escalator. It can be employed both indoor and outdoor even in demanding situations, since it is resistant to changes of light and weather conditions.


Direction Controller detects whether an object is moving in the configured direction within the defined area. An alarm will be triggered if an object in the defined region moves into another direction then configured, within a defined time period.

Fields of Application

The Direction Controller is used anywhere where entrances, doors, windows, fences and walls are under video surveillance. However, the directionality and possibility for individual configuration allows application in advanced settings such as one-way streets to check on passage in the wrong direction or to detect abnormalities in walkways that are usually committed in a general direction or a drive through.