ARDIoT | Internet of Things & Smart Cities

Bus/Train/Subway/Ferry Stations:

Smart terminals flourished in the days of minicomputers and mainframes. Intelligent terminals include memory and a processor to perform special display operations. So here is the features that we provide as the solutions for the bus, train subway and ferry stations.

Smart solutions: Modular SbS Frame

[Service Oriented]:

  • Ticket vending – Bill payment
  • Parcel delivery
  • Passenger Information System

[Social Junction]:

  • Camera based – Passenger counting
  • WiFi
  • Heated seats/bench
  • Wireless/USB charging
  • Air conditioning
  • e-Bike rental and battery charge


  • Interactive kiosk
  • Tourist Info
  • Taxi Order
  • e-Government
  • Digital signage
  • Advertisment
  • News
  • Weather forecast

[Safety]: SOS

  • Emergency block
  • Noise monitoring
  • CCTV Surveillance


  • Reverse vending
  • Solar panel
  • Air quality monitor

For instance the solution for the ferry station, is one of the largest privately owned commuter ferry in the US chose Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) to manage their security assets (terminals and ferries).

–The Problem:

  • Lack of awareness of what is happening on the ferries and terminals. Multiple dashboards to manage security assets.

–The Solution:

  • HVS allows to manage video from disparate systems on a unified web-based platform. HVS provides the integration with VOIP phones, PA, AIS data and other sensors (vessels telemetry).

–The Results:

•Ferries now is more prepared to control any type of crisis. From a single dashboard and able to monitor and share their assets in real time with Police Department, Port Authorities and other federal agencies.