ARDIoT | Internet of Things & Smart Cities

Real time information for Better decision!

With the increasing number of vehicles and waste of time coming with it, fuel consumption and increased carbon emissions can be avoided by using Smart Traffic Applications.
The traffic applications that will take part in the smart city concept, enables to solve the problems such as information Technologies and traffic / transportation.
With the allocation of sensors at the certain points on the roads, the system can inform the speed, position etc. and if there is a stuck in a traffic, it provides an alternative road solutions. Accordingly, to the traffic situation, period of signaling can be changed. Accidents or obstacles that can affect the traffic flow, the system makes rapid and effective interventions.

The status of the public transportation system is available online. In this regard, the most appropriate settings are possible. The usage of vehicles with the no need of driver, can be overcome within the electronic lines that can be paved to the roads. Running fast, efficient and safe traffic will be a part of a Smart City.

Automatically counts and classifies vehicles on the road

  • Automatic counting of vehicles
  • Classification into: car, bus, truck
  • Output in minutes, hours, days, weeks and months
  • On up to four lanes
  • Freeways, highways, urban traffic
  • Parking lots, garages
  • Commercial premises

Automatically counts all vehicles.

  • Automated counting on 4 lanes
  • Output in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months
  • Fields of Application:
  • Traffic surveillance & analysis
  • Parking areas & garages
  • Commercial premises

Detects occupied parking spaces, parking duration and vehicles parked in no-parking zones

  • The ideal solution for parking management
  • Detection of occupied parking spaces
  • Analysis of parking duration
  • Detection of parked vehicles in no-parking zones
  • Parking lots, car parks
  • Airports, railway stations
  • Public administration

Detects license plates on vehicles & compares them with specific lists.

  • Reliable detection of license plates
  • Matching with blacklists / whitelists
  • Setting of actions depending on the detection
  • More than 130 countries supported, expandable
  • Software-only solution
  • Provides Confidence measurement and number of frames captured
  • Urban traffic management
  • Car parks garages & parking lots
  • Access control

Automatically detects objects moving in a restricted direction.

  • If an object moves against the configured direction, an alarm is triggered
  • Fail-safe
  • Reliable analysis
  • Simple configuration
  • Fields of Application:
  • Airports: Landing strips, gateways, security checks
  • Train stations: Railway tracks, escalators
  • Roads: Highways, ramps