ARDIoT | Internet of Things & Smart Cities

To provide comprehensive protection for people, buildings, property and infrastructure, our system offers several key capabilities: It detecs intruders, faces and objects, enhances video images and ensures video cameras operation correctly.

Intrusion Detector:

Automatically detects intrusion of perosns or vehicles into critical areas and generates an alarm to alert security operators. It is effective both in- and outdoors and and includes rain and snow filters as well as perspective correction to eliminate false alarms.

Object Detector:

Considers suspicious or unattended objects like suitcases or backpacks, a concern in public and commercial areas. It detects static objects left unattended. If an objects is removed or considered dangerous, an alarm triggers.

Camera Health Monitor:

Automatically alerts operators if cameras are tampered with, image quality decreases, or recorded video doesn’t match the actual scene. It ensures visibility and capture of evidence in case of a crime.

Video Enhancer:

Optimizes not-always-ideal security camera video. It automatically filters disturbances and srtifacts to ensure images are clear and stable.

Live Face Matching:

Immediatle detects and alerts when subject of interest are recognized, improving law enforcement’s ability to find suspects.

Similar Face Search:

SFS technology provides very high speed search of stored facial images, significantly reducing operational search time.