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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is a combination of membrane  technology and biological treatment processes; which is a  membrane ultra / micro filtration process and activated  sludge process.


  • Produce consistently high quality effluent water at a competitive cost.
  • Small footprint
  • Less excess sludge produced
  • No offensive odour
  • Reduce contamination risk to receiving water body
  • Easy capacity upgrading or retrofitting due to modular design
  • Proven reliability and easy operation
  • Simplified process control


  • Plate and Frame / Flat sheet configuration
  • Durable PVDF and PES cost effective materials available
  • Effective air scouring and reduced fouling and cleaning requirement
  • Back Flushable
  • Easy cleaning and Maintenance

Sea Water RO Systems

  • Hitachi Aqua-Tech Sea Water RO Systems are  available in different capacities to suit the  requirements of our customers. These systems  are designed to work efficiently and economically  to produce high quality freshwater from seawater.
  • Features & Advantages
    • Standardized systems with competitive price
    • Fast delivery and fabrication capability
    • Energy and cost efficient
    • High reliability and excellent service support
    • High quality equipment & materials
    • Extensive spare parts support
    • Excellent proven track records

Brackish Water RO Systems

  • Hitachi Aqua-Tech’s Brackish Water RO (BWRO)  Systems are designed with efficiency and ease of  operation in mind. Our BWRO Systems capacity  range covers from a few cubic meters per day to  a few thousand cubic meters per day, suitable for  households, commercial buildings, industrial  processes and municipal water utilities.